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Jennifer is a regular contributor writing about sales and marketing alignment and the customer-centric enterprise. is read by 67 million unique visitors a month and is the number one website in the business category to reach the c-suite. 


American City Business Journals

This is the parent publication to the local publications like the Portland Business Journal or the Atlanta Business Journal.  Jennifer is a regular contributor to the blog at  American City Business Journals (ACBJ) is the largest publisher of metropolitan business newsweeklies in the United States, with 43 business publications across the country reaching more than 3.6 million readers each week.

This opinion blog, sponsored by Adobe, delivers marketing insights, expertise, and inspiration for and by marketing leaders—all aimed at helping CMOs, senior marketers, and their teams become better marketers and deliver standout experiences in a digital world.  

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  A Press Release is Always a Good Idea
 July 16, 2019
  4 Lessons on Customer-Centricity from CaringBridge
 January 14, 2019
  Listen Like Your Life Depends On It: Four Lessons for Marketers
 January 8, 2019
  3 Step Recipe for Building a Customer-Centric Business
 January 2, 2019
  6 Ways to Build Trust with Peers to Align Sales and Marketing
 December 11, 2018
  Designing Customer Space: 3 Ways to Reflect Customer-Centricity in Your Business
  December 5, 2018
  3 Ways to Build Alignment When Employees Don’t Go To An Office
  November 27, 2018
  4 Ways to Build Sales and Marketing Alignment Using Your Building
  November 20, 2018
  An Eye for Opportunity: Ann Sacks Keeps Customers (and pets) In Sight
 November 13, 2018
  Motivating a Volunteer Salesforce: 4 Lessons for Any Marketer
 November 5, 2018
  7 Ways to Align Sales and Marketing Amidst a Rebrand
 October 29, 2018
  3 Ways to Harness Power of Purpose in Aligning Sales and Marketing
 October 23, 2018
  Avoiding Being a Bad Hire: 6 Ways to Pick the Right CMO Role
 October 17, 2018
  7 Ways to Align Sales and Marketing Amidst a Rebrand
 October 29, 2018
  Fresh Perspectives: Sales and Marketing Alignment in the Digital Era
 October 9, 2018
  If You Love It, It Totally Works: How One Marketer Became President
 October 2, 2018

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  You Are Bigger Than Your Job (and other truths about job search)
 September 21, 2018
  Listening at Scale: 4 Ways to Build Customer-Centricity
  September 17, 2018
  Five Ways to Focus on the Buyer and Their Journey
  September 10, 2018
  Becoming Fearless: Five Moves for Marketers
  September 3, 2018
  7 Habits of Successful Crisis Management: Aligning Sales and Marketing in the Storm
  August 27, 2018
  4 Ways to Avoid Data Breaches with Sales and Marketing Alignment
  August 20, 2018
  Getting Paid for Paying Attention: 4 Lessons in Customer Centricity
  August 13, 2018

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  Mission: Impossible and the Alignment of Sales and Marketing
 August 12, 2018
  Experienced Exec Advises New CMOs: Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
  August 6, 2018
  Five Ways to Bridge the Sales and Marketing Gap
  July 30, 2018
  Frank Advice for CMOs: 5 Ways to Market Marketing
  July 23, 2018

   Aligning Sales and Marketing for Fun and Profit (member only link)
   July 18, 2018
  Beyond Wishful Thinking: Jennifer Interviews Visa CMO Chris Curtain
  July 16, 2018
  Align or Die: 4 Reasons to Align Sales and Marketing Now
  July 9, 2018

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  Courage Eats Confidence for Breakfast
  June 12, 2018

   Hiring Rock Star Strategists in Marketing (member only link)
  May 29, 2018

LinkedIn Pulse
  Retire the Bubble Wrap: you may be 60% less fragile than you think
 May 15, 2018

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  Hire Your Own Boss
 April 22, 2018

The Buzz
  Color Code Your Life
 April 6, 2018

LinkedIn Pulse
  Brand Building Isn't Hard.  It's Difficult.
 March 13, 2018

LinkedIn Pulse
  Who is Your Boss?  The Answer Might Surprise You
 February 22, 2018

Marketing Mob Podcast
  Tales of an Experienced Amateur: how to thrive in times of change
  February 13, 2018

LinkedIn Pulse
  What is the Grit in Your Oyster?
  January 29, 2018

AV Life Podcast
  Women of Avixa
  January 10, 2018

Pepperdine University Distinguished Alumni Book
  First Edition - Graziadio Business School
  December 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  Are You My Customer?
  December 20, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  You: The Plot Twist We Have Been Waiting For
  November 27, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  5 Ways to Build a Network in a New City
  October 30, 2017

The CMO Club Podcast
  It's All About Storytelling (members only)
  October 24, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  3 Reasons for Optimism
  September 21, 2017

Honeywell Home and Building Technologies Blog
  5 Questions with Jennifer Davis (company internal)
  August 31, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  Are you making mistakes or are you making solutions?
  August 24, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  Lost and Found: parallel poetry
  July 24, 2017

Digital Signage Expo - TheDSETube [video]
  Jennifer Davis of Planar at DSE 2017
  Jul 5, 2016

Leaders In Heels: Career Lessons
  How Leaders Can Promote Privacy, Safety and Truth
  June 29, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  Motion Sickness: 3 Ways to Survive Change (without losing your head)
  June 27, 2017

  Ensuring Diversity of Local Business Ecosystems
  June 16, 2017

AV Technology Magazine
  5 Emerging AV/IT Technologies - The Revolution
  June 6, 2017

The Business Journals
  5 Things to Learn from Bad Leaders
  May 30, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  The Power of Feedback
  May 22, 2017

InfoComm All Voices
  3 Reasons Why InfoComm Is Like the Family Reunion of the Industry
  May 15, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  Restlessness: the path to innovation
  May 1, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  5 Ways to Tame the Animals You Work With
  April 28, 2017

Leaders In Heels
  Being Content With Your Content: How to Know If It's Time to Change
  April 20, 2017

Women In Leadership
  Own Your Career and Find Balance
  April 19, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  Fighting for Board Diversity: from the room where it happens
  March 23, 2017

CEOWorld Magazine
  Here are Ten Ways to Listen More
  March 15, 2017

InfoComm All Voices
  A Brand's Best Friend: 3 ways that digital signage is like your favorite pet
  March 9, 2017

rAVe Publications
  Rants and rAVes - Episode 576: Do You Know What InfoComm is Doing?
  March 2, 2017

LinkedIn Pulse
  Isn't it strange how the world sticks and moves like that?
  February 24, 2017
  5 Ways to Nurture High Performers
  February 20, 2017

The CEO Magazine
  Interview Questions to Find Your Rock Start Marketing Executive
  February 10, 2017

rAVe Publications [video]
  ISE 2017: Gary Kayye Interviews Jennifer Davis of Planar, a Leyard Company
  February 8, 2017

rAVe Publications
  Rants and rAVes - Episode 562: Planar and Leyard Have Big-Time, Combined Presence at ISE
  January 31, 2017

The Business Journals
  4 Ways Digital Signage Can Turn Your Brand Into a Cult Following
  January 18, 2017

InfoComm All Voices
  Return on Intention
  December 8, 2016

AV Network
  Forecasting the Top Trends of 2017
  December 5, 2016

Leaders In Heels
  What I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Career: Getting Your Job to the Right Start
  November 28, 2016

Leaders In Heels
  What I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Career: Navigating the Office Environment
  November 21, 2016

Leaders In Heels
  What I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Career: Work Email Etiquette
  November 10, 2016

Technology Association of Oregon
  Giving Feedback
  October 20, 2016

Talent Culture
  Biomimicry in Teamwork
  October 4, 2016

LinkedIn Pulse
  It's Better to Know: What Cancer and Back-to-School Taught Me About Marketing
  September 27, 2016

InfoComm All Voices
  What our Dysfunctional Relationship with Devices Teach Us About Decision Making
  September 16, 2017

Thin Difference
  Five Steps to Avoid Death by Ambiguity by Jennifer Davis
  September 10, 2016

American City Business Journals
  5 lessons dancers can teach us about merger and acquisition success by Jennifer Davis
  September 9, 2016

  Q&A: Delivering a unique view at the Olympics with Leyard LED walls
  September 9, 2016

LinkedIn Pulse
  From the Inside Out: what to do when air gets dense
  August 26, 2016

Output PDX
  Video interview with Jennifer Davis
  August 20, 2016

InfoComm All Voices
  What Do Integrators Need to Know about HDMI 2.0?
  August 9 2016

LinkedIn Pulse
  What Color Are Your Glasses?
  July 26, 2016

rAVe Publications
  Five Things We Should Stop Doing
  July 14, 2016

Sixteen: Nine
  July 6, 2016
  Interview with Jennifer Davis:  Digital Displays and Signage Solutions
  July 2016

The Glass Hammer
  6 Reasons Why Women Execs Should Volunteer
  June 22, 2016

LinkedIn Pulse
  Fear Less
  June 21, 2016

InfoComm All Voices
  5 Things We Should Stop Doing
  June 21, 2016
  Lessons in Retail Marketing from My Daughter’s Birthday Party
  June 9, 2016

InfoComm All Voices
  What Do Integrators Need to Know about DisplayPort 1.4?
  June 2, 2016

LinkedIn Pulse
  The True Value of Experience
  May 23, 2016

American City Business Journals
  How to package one-time events for permanence (just like the NBA)
  May 22, 2016

Society for Information Displays (SID) Display Week
  CMO Forum Profiles and Marketing Executive Forum Overview
  May 2016

Digital Signage Expo - TheDSETube [video]
  Jennifer Davis of Planar at DSE 2016
  May 5, 2016

LinkedIn Pulse
  The Brand Formerly Known as Prince
  April 22, 2016

BizWomen Mentoring Monday
  Meet Your Mentor: Jennifer Davis
  April 4, 2016

Sixteen: Nine
  Clear is the New Black
  April 4, 2016

LinkedIn Pulse
  4 Ways to Think Like a Casting Director
  March 29, 2016

American Marketing Association - Portland Chapter (AMA-PDX)
  Community Outreach Project
  March 2016

LinkedIn Pulse
  The Momentum of Business
  February 23 2016

InfoComm All Voice Blog
  Wearables and Digital Signage
  February 16, 2016

Warner Pacific College
  Distinguished Alumni 2016 - Jennifer Davis, Professional Achievement
  February 2016

LinkedIn Pulse
  Scaring Yourself Busy
  January 25, 2016

InfoComm All Voices Blog
  One Reason Touch Works
  January 21, 2016

AV Network
  Jennifer Davis Promoted to CMO
  January 21, 2016
  Why CMOs Should Drive Product Strategy
  December 22, 2015

LinkedIn Pulse
  3 Reasons to Flee the Country
  December 18, 2015

InfoComm All Voices Blog
  Digital Signage is Perfect for Millenials
  December 17, 2016

American City Business Journals
  How to Turn Your Marketing Team into Data Wonks
  December 11, 2016

Talent Culture
  The Art of Marketing Marketing
  December 10, 2015

Frost & Sullivan: Digital Marketing World
  Marketing to Today’s “Super-Hero” Customer
  December 7, 2015

LinkedIn Pulse
  Your Executive MBA: what you need to know
  November 25, 2015

Oregon Business Magazine
  Innovation on Display
  November 23, 2015

Saturday Academy Blog
  Student's Guide to LinkedIn
  November 12,2015

Saturday Academy Blog
  How to Build a Network Before You Need One
  November 5, 2015

  Marketing News, a publication of the American Marketing Association
  Career Highlights in 60 Seconds: Jennifer Davis
  October 2015

LinkedIn Pulse
  Backing into the Future
  October 29, 2015

Saturday Academy Blog
  How to Be a Better Presenter in 3 Easy Steps
  October 28, 2015

InfoComm All Voices Blog
  Smart Fruit
  October 15, 2015

LinkedIn Pulse
  Student's Guide to LinkedIn
  September 25, 2015

InfoComm All Voices Blog
  Back to School with Digital Signage
  September 21, 2015

Moneyball Marketing
  Digital Display Advertising in the Data Analytics Age (podcast)
  September 15, 2015 

American Marketing Association - Portland Chapter (AMA-PDX)
  Y is for You: Google’s Alphabet and Personal Branding
  August 2015

rAVe Publications
  Action Creates Opportunity: An interview with Marilyn Sanford
  August 24, 2015

rAVe Publications
  Y is for You: Google’s Alphabet and Personal Branding
  August 20, 2015

InfoComm All Voices Blog
  Digital Displays and Signage in Airports
  August 14, 2015

rAVe Publications
  Five Things Everyone Should Know How to Do
  August 13, 2015

LinkedIn Pulse
  Y is for You:  What Google's Alphabet teaches about personal branding
  August 11, 2015

Women in CE
  How to Get Promoted in Four Easy Steps
  July 2015 (newsletter)

LinkedIn Pulse
  Marketing Marketing
  How to Market Marketing: a guide for business people who market  
  July 22, 2015

LinkedIn Pulse
  How to Get Promoted in 4 Easy Steps
  June 22, 2015

Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD)
  Wayfinding and Playfinding
  June 20, 2015

System Contractor News (SCN)
  Jennifer Davis Joins Board of Marathon Scholars
  June 5, 2015

InfoComm All Voices Blog
  5 Things I Wish I Knew in the First 5 Years of My Career
  June 2, 2015

Women on Business
  5 Things I Wish I Knew in the First 5 Years of my Career by Jennifer Davis
  April 18, 2015

InfoComm All Voices Blog
  3 Steps to Customer Engagement
  April 3, 2015

InfoComm All Voices Blog
  Three Trends Transforming the Conference Room
  March 4, 2015

Women in Tech
  A Display of Dedication: an interview with Jennifer Davis
  November 2014

Leading Ladies
  A Display of Dedication: an interview with Jennifer Davis
  May 2014

Innotech Conference
  Speaker Profile
  May 2013

Warner Pacific Experience Magazine
  Alumni Profile: Jennifer Davis
  Spring 2013

The New York Times
  Frequent Flier
  November 29, 2011

NeoCon [video]
  Planar @ NeoCon
  June 2011


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