The Road to Building a Brand

We have seen a number of celebrities and taste makers go from representing brands to becoming a brand of their own.  Actresses going from being a “Cover Girl” or spokesperson on late-night TV for the latest acne cream, to launching their own line of skin care or cosmetics.  Reality TV stars who went from having their wardrobe supplied by brands doing product placement to them having their own lines for sale.  It is happening with increasing frequency among consumer goods, but what about B2B products?

In the future, I see more opportunity for this as well.  Thought leaders, influencers, business consultants, and others creating their own products.  They have long created services, in the form of trainings and consulting engagements.  Sometimes that extended to a book publishing deal or some syndicated programs or online classes (which are more of a product).  But would your business be more likely to buy an ERP system named after a large, respected accounting firm?  Would you specify a video conferencing system if it bore the name of a major publisher or business luminary? It is more of a stretch in some cases, but not only is it possible, I think it is the next wave of how B2C business successes are influencing B2B practices.