Expressing Emotions Changes Them

I recently heard Heather Andrew from NeuroInsights speak at a conference.  She explained how our brains are separated into right and left sections.  Emotions are on the right, but language is on the left.  So, to express your feelings is to pass them between the two lobes of the brain. 

This has several implications.  First, it can be difficult for some, as men, for instance, have less pathways between the lobes.  And secondly, the act of putting emotions into words, changes them.  Makes them more rational.  Our anger, becomes righteous anger or defensiveness.  Our shame becomes blame.  Our irrationalities and impulses get sanitized when they get communicated. 

Perhaps instead of speaking our emotions (and passing them to language on the left), we should instead use our right brains to sing them, paint them, or act them out in dance.  Or perhaps, that is precisely what the performing arts already do?