Service Business Models

Software as a Service (SaaS) is all the rage today with companies like racking up huge profits and trading multiples, and companies like Microsoft introducing their own versions of the same.  The same is true with people turning data insights into a business model (data-as-a-service or analytics-as-a-service).  But the “as-a-service” business model isn’t new.  Here are some examples of other products that have been sold as a service.

Alcohol-as-a-Service (AaaS): a bar

Food-as-a-Service (FaaS): a restaurant

Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS): equipment rental and staging

Personal-hygiene-as-a-Service (PHaaS): beauty salons and barber shops

Reading-as-a-service (RaaS): story time at the library

Exit-as-a-Servce (EaaS): what a doorman does when you leave the hotel

Wayfinding-as-a-Service (WaaS): what the hostess does when she shows you to your table

Shelter-as-a-Service (SaaS): a hotel or even Airbnb