If you are a start-up, how do you talk about your business?  Are you building a company? Hatching a company?  Founding a company? Planting a business?  Disrupting an industry?  What does this say about where you are focusing your time and energy?

If you are in a more established company, what language do you use?  Are you growing a company?  Managing a company?  Leading a company?  Transforming a company?  Leading a turn-around?  Scaling a company? Leading a team?  Building a sustainable business?  Are you creating wealth for shareholders?

If you are exiting a company or business, how do you describe that?  Are you divesting?  Are you stepping back?  Are you stepping away?  Are you implanting an exit plan?  Are you just not showing up anymore?

The words you use matter.  Think about how you describe your business and what that says about you.