Jennifer to Judge the AMA PDX MAX Awards


While American Idol recently said farewell finishing its final season in 2015, it was once the most loved television show in America. Looking back on the early days of the show, we learned that there are three types of judges in this world. 

  1. The Simon Cowells - harsh and brutally honest (ahem, rude) with their criticism, but usually accurate
  2. The Paula Abduls – sweet and supportive of all the contestants with genuine concern for their success
  3. The Randy Jacksons - fun loving, knowledgeable, with a knack for soul 

So, I am set to judge the Max Awards for the American Marketing Association’s Portland Chapter this year and I am wondering what kind of judge I will be.  Coming from the client-side, instead of the agency side, will I be quick to criticize or encourage?  Will I keep my comments short (like the commercial break is approaching) or provide specific guidance?  And like the open auditions, will the entries provide me enough information to truly judge the talent of the submissions? 

Get your submission in by this Friday, August 26th and let’s find out what kind of judge I will be!