Shel Silverstein was a childhood favorite of our family and some of his poems have taken on deeper meaning as I have gotten older.  In light of the changes underway in my life and career, one of his poems has inspired one of my own - a parallel poem about losing and finding.

Losing Pieces by Shel Silverstein

  Talked my head off.

  Walked my tail off.

  Cried my eyes out.

  Walked my feet off.

  Sang my heart out.

  So you see,

  There's really not much left of me.

Finding Me by Jennifer Davis

  Found community in conversation.

  Marshalled courage in work.

  Discovered gratitude in tears.

  Uncovered strength in the journey.

  Expressed joy in the song.

  So you see,

  In losing pieces, I may find me.


Photo credit: Randy Y

This article originally appeared in LinkedIn Pulse.