“What you do with your billable time (work time) will determine your income for the year.  What you do with your nonbillable time (free time) will determine your future.” – Art Gensler

I was at an event recently and as an ice breaker each table was asked to answer the question “would you rather have more time or more money?”  A great discussion ensued about upcoming college bills or the need for more of the finite hours in the day. 

Do we have enough hours in the day?  Do we have the hours we need to accomplish what is necessary?  I know I never feel like I do, but I am also aware that I waste time on a fairly regular basis.  I am sure you can say that same. 

Do I need more hours, or do I need to use them more productively? 

How much downtime do I actually require to be refreshed enough to do what needs to be done?  Am I getting enough sleep?  Am I prioritizing things like exercise, study, and family time the way that I should?  What use of my team leads to the most happiness?

These are incredibly personal questions and ones worth asking.