The Best (ahem, most effective) Marketing Copy of 2017

I recently ordered some bedding online and the package came with a printed insert that began “Dear valued customer.”  At first, I scoffed at the amateur writing (clearly written by a non-native English speaker), but upon further reflection I am convinced this is the best marketing copy I have read all year.   Or at least the most effective.

It successfully introduced their unique brand, it engendered empathy with their employees, it made me feel better about myself, encouraged me to read closely and completely, and was something that I joyfully shared with a few friends (and all of you).  I can’t say any advertising or marketing literature I encountered in 2017 was as effective as this.

Here are a few excepts that you might enjoy and the principles they illustrate.

Authenticity: The first paragraph thanked me for my business and ended with this sentence “It is really a great luck for us to be able to encounter you on Amazon.  Thank you for choosing our products, without your support, maybe I will get unemployed.” It might be hyperbole or brutally honest, but it certainly isn't boring or too "corporate" sounding.

Relational: The second paragraph talks about the product features.  They end this idea by saying “Welcome to contact us and give us some advices that will be helpful to improve our products quality and services, we will continue to optimize the service and strive to do better.”  You can just picture the eager employees awaiting the advices of customers.  The third part of the letter encouraged customers to write positive reviews and if they couldn’t to contact them first for support.  They sum up their approach like this “We convince that communication is the bridge to solve problems, we will certainly let your concerns get a good solution.”

Customer-Focused: The letter ends with a final greeting: “Finally, hope you could be nice every day ! Happiness every moment ! Have a healthier body and a sunny mood !” (spaces before the exclamation points are as printed).  I couldn’t help, but smile when I read this.

Now, perhaps it is my deep familiarly with English-as-a-second-language communication for all my years working with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean suppliers that makes this letter endearing, but I think you can agree that it stands out in a sea of well-crafted correspondence.  Although the experienced marketer in me shutters when I read the run-on sentences, improper vocabulary, and the like, this copy was effective in it’s purpose and isn’t boring!  Not every brand or company could pull this off (nor would they want to), but perhaps it inspires us all to be a little more real in our communications in the coming year.

And, I hope it gives you a “sunny mood” as well!

Dear Valued Customer letter.jpg

Forgive the poor quality scan of the flyer.  The actual was readable (mostly) and looked better than this.