Eavesdropping on Success


You learned your native language largely through eavesdropping.  Listening in on conversations.  

The language that might be critical for your career success will likely be learned in the same way.  Whether it is insight about how work gets done in your organization or the vernacular of your industry, you will pick it up by proximity.  If you want to accelerate your learning, how can you do that?  I don't suggest spying on meetings or lurking on conference calls (who has the time anyway?), but there are ways you can get this access in other ways.  

  • Reading trade publications,
  • reaching out to executives at your companies and offering to take them to coffee to ask questions,
  • researching your company's financial filings and analyst coverage,
  • following an influential blogger in your space,
  • by studying the moves of competition,
  • by talking to your sales team regularly.  

These are all ways in which you can, with intention and integrity, eavesdrop on success and learn the language through immersion.

How have you accelerated your own learning?  Share your success stories here.