Have a Nice Idea

This doodle was inspired by a poster hanging in the Portland, Oregon offices of the marketing agency, Grady Britton.  I liked the play on the traditional greeting "have a nice day," but it brought something else to mind as well.  And that is that our ideas should be nice.  As in, kind, generous, and gracious.  They should be filled with humility and a genuine concern for others. Because our ideas are our thoughts.  And our thoughts are our actions.   As we start this week, have a nice idea and make the world better!  Especially important as we head into November and a seasons of thanksgiving!

Interestingly enough, I got to know Grady Britton through their work with the non-profit, Marathon Scholars.  I serve on Marathon's board of trustees and Grady Britton developed a great campaign for them this past year.  So, I guess they were putting that poster work and having nice ideas!