Jennifer to Speak at InfoComm Integrated Life

integrated life crowd shot.jpg

Join Jennifer on June 5 from 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM for a panel discussion on "Changing Consumer Habits and the Effect on Technology Experiences in Hospitality and Entertainment."  This interactive panel will be part of the Integrated Life program at InfoComm, produced by Parks Associates.

Over the past few years, entertainment habits have shifted dramatically, ranging from streamed content to immersive interactivity. Today’s behaviors and preferences related to audio and video experiences are very different from habits of only a few years ago. New devices and greater interactivity affect perception of in-home AV needs for the newest generation of consumers and influences their expectations at hospitality, dining, or entertainment venues. This session examines the changing consumption habits of consumers and how those changes will affect all areas for AV products, services, and installation.