BridgeSpan Media Presents Home Entertainment Research at InfoComm


Prior to the official start of InfoComm 2018, Avixa will host the first ever Integrated Life conference.  On the afternoon of June 5th, Jennifer Davis, on behalf of her consulting business, BridgeSpan Media together with Canvas Research, will share some new and exclusive research conducted for this event.

In May 2018, a small sample of high net worth US households were surveyed highlights were shared at the conference.  This summary research was conducted to inform a larger study that is being designed to delve deeper into trends, purchase motivations, and to provide a larger sample that would allow for regional insights (as homeowners in Dallas or Los Angeles face different issues than those in Chicago or Manhattan).

Use the Contact form on this website (or a direct message via Twitter) to express interest in the full research report once it becomes available.  It will provide insights for the whole value chain from manufacturing brands to integrators and resellers providing local design, installation, and support.

Contact the research team at Avixa to share your interest in the residential market, as we partner with them on these efforts.